EasySMS Office

Land-line SMS provides one of the easiest and most cost effective way of sending low / medium volume sms's. Coupled with this fact, Land-line SMS seamlessly allows you to receive responses to the sms's that you have sent as well as receiving incoming sms's.

Land-line SMS is also the only system that provides 10 distinct sms accounts over a single connection. This mean that by connecting the EasySMS Office modem to a single line, you can have up to 10 users sending and receiving sms's. Each users sms's will be private.

In addition, because the modem is connected to your landline, we can provide caller identification and call logging features.

Using this method of sending and receiving SMS's, in conjunction with the powerfull 
multi-user EasySMS Office application,  you have a powerful mechanism to integrate sms capability into your whole office.

No contracts, no pre-paid sms's, no internet access required, http'ing or ftp'ing.

The EasySMS Office system gives you much more than the capability of just sending SMS's. It provides you with a full suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) based functions that seamlessly integrate sms functionality into you office.

A few examples:

  • Setup the missed call auto-responder to automatically send your customers an sms or email when you are out of the office and miss a call. The auto-reponder will personalise the sms or email including the callers name. When your back in the office, view your missed calls and respond.

  • Create automatic payment reminders on overdue accounts. The system will automatically send these reminder sms's, including the invoice details, to your creditors (at the rate you choose) until the account is settled. It will then automatically send  a thank you sms.

  • Manage your appointments in EasySMS Office and have automatic scheduled sms for appointment reminders and appointment cancellation. Great for any Consultants, Doctors, Vets etc. Create an appointment for months in advance and forget about it. The EasySMS office will make sure that the reminder is sent at the right time. 

  • Keep your customers informed by using scheduled bulk sms's. Contact distribution lists make bulk sms incredibly simple. Bulk sms's can be personalised and scheduled in advance.

Functional Overview

The EasySMS Office is an easy to use, feature rich application. Some of the functions that it provides are summarised below:

 ·          Full contact management

    • Contacts can be imported/exported between Microsoft Outlook / Express / Text File
    •  Contacts can be organised into distribution lists.
    •  Contacts can be shared between users or private.
    •  Contact / Client history with document linking
    •  Automatic birthday sms’s can be configured for contacts
    •  Contact sharing
    •  Database synchronisation. Auto-import via .csv for contacts, sms and payment reminders
    •  Cutomisable contacts database

·          Comprehensive sms features

    •  Send and Receive sms’s
    •  Message templates for frequently used text.
    •  Bulk scheduled sms’s with powerful contact filtering and personalised text
    •  Personalised sms’s

·          Telephone line features

    •  Incoming call logging
    •  Contact Auto-dialer with outgoing call logging
    •  Caller Identification with name and customer history display
    •  Missed Call sms/email auto-responder (sms personalised if possible)

·          Email features

    •  email to sms
    •  Sms to email
    •  Linked to Microsoft Outlook for integrated email / contact management

·          Reminder features

    •  Scheduled internal reminders
    •  Scheduled sms reminders (once off, daily, weekly or monthly)
    • Appointment sms reminders (personalised with name and appointment info). SMS’s sent on appointment create and cancel   
    • Scheduled overdue invoice sms reminders (personalised with name and invoice info). Sms’s sent at selected rate as well as payment make.

·          Appointment Manager

    •  Integrated appointment manager for consultants (Dr’s, vets etc)
    • Multiple consultants
    •  Automatic sms’s on appointment creation and cancellation

·          Payment Reminders

    •  Scheduled delivery rates
    •  SMS payment reminer contains invoice information. Can be linked to custom fields in contacts database.
    •  Payment confirmation sms

·          Customer History

    •  Keeps track of customer interaction
    •  Hotlinks to actual sms, call, appointment, reminder, file (etc) items

·          Issue Management

    •  Multiple Task & Project management from EasySMS Office Manager. Tasks defined as state machines with transitions on the EasySMS Office Manager.
    •  Centralised issue generation and user allocation and re-assignment
    • Automatic issue sms generation, issue reminders
    •  Centralised analysis of project / issue data with graphing
    •  Document linking to issues / issue transitions
    •  Issue scheduling with integrated start reminders & rescheduling via sms and internal reminders

·          Centralised File Manager

    •  Files or documents linked to issues are automatically copied & stored on the EasySMS Office Server PC.
    •  Provides automatic backup of important documents as well as document sharing.

·          School Register

    •  Provides for pupil/child parent relationships with integrated sms.
    • Grade grouping
    •  Bulk SMS to either Pupil or Parents
    •  SMS targeting to either fathers, mothers or both
    •  Team / Activity grouping and sms capability
    •  Automatic Pupil & parent birthday greeting

·          Booking Manager

    •  Provides comprehensive facility booking with integrated sms (confirmation, reminder, reschedule & cancellation).
    •  Provides for Facility structuring, Mutiliple facilities and Multiple recipients per booking.
    •  Allows different sms templates per facility types. Facility and booking information embedded into bookings sms’s.
    •  Each facility is goverened by a highly configurable calendar
    • Intelligent booking searches
    •  Graphical booking display