Telkom EasySMS

The Telkom SMS System was the first PC based solution developed send and receive sms's over your normal telephone line. The product was developed for Telkom by Dev Squared Designs and is available from Telkom Retail Outlets.

The product consists of a landline SMS modem and single user software application.


Analogue SMS modem capable of sending and receiving SMS’s over the Telkom fixed line network. The modem is designed to connect to a PC via a USB cable.

Supplied with the modem are the following:

    • USB inter-connect.
    • Telephone inter-connect
    • Sound card inter-connect

Modem features:

    • Battery backup RAM to allow for unit operation when PC not connected.
    • Plug and play USB connection.
    • SMS Mailbox support.
    • 5 Status LED’s
    • Line busy detection

PC software application on CD for the control of the SMS modem. Feature summary: 

    • Contact Management with contact grouping and notes
    • SMS send, receive and bulk SMS.
    • Email integration with SMS to email and email to SMS functions
    • Appointment management, appointment reminders and birthday SMS
    • Payment reminders
    • Call management.

System Overview:

·        Contact Management:

Contacts details can be entered manually, imported from Microsoft Outlook or text file. Contact information is used for storing information required for sending SMS’s and emails as well as automatic functions such as birthday greetings.

Contacts can be grouped into distribution groups, that can be used for sending bulk SMS’s. Bulk SMS’s can be personalized to the contacts first name.

 ·        SMS operation:

SMS’s are organized into SMS mailbox’s, namely, the Inbox, Outbox, Pending, Sent and Draft providing an interface similar to email operation.

Multiple recipients can be assigned to SMS’s and the system supports SMS reply and forward functions.

Furthermore, emails can be converted to SMS’s and SMS’s can be converted to emails when the Microsoft Outlook function is enabled.

·        Email integration:

By linking to Microsoft Outlook the system is able to view and send emails as well as access contact information. Automated conversion of SMS to email and email to SMS is also supported.

·        Notes:

Notes entered into the system can be attached to contacts, calls and SMS’s sent as appointment reminders.

·        Call Management:

The details of incoming calls are stored in the system. The records store the originating number / contact as well as duration and whether the call was answered.

On call detection, historical information (sms, emails, calls and notes) related to the identified caller is displayed.

It is also possible to record the conversation during both incoming and outgoing calls.

·        Appointment and reminders:

The application has an appointment manager for recording appointments. Reminders can be scheduled against appointments and will be delivered on the day prior to the appointment. Notes attached to an appointment can be attached to the reminder.

·        Payment reminders:

This feature is used to remind clients of invoices that are unpaid. The system automatically transmits reminder SMS’s until the invoice is marked as cleared.

The sent SMS’s include a configurable message as well as the following:

o       Invoice reference

o       Invoice date

o       Invoice amount.

 For detailed application information, please refer to attached user documentation.