easySMS Service - Full vs Lite Versions

This page provides a comparison of functionality between the easySMS Service and the easySMS Service Lite software packages.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us directly.

Full Version'Lite' Version
Bi-direction SMStruetrue
Internet Based SMS *truetrue
Landline Based SMS **truetrue
GSM Based SMSfalsefalse
International Destinations ***truetrue
Support for Multiple SMS Accountstruefalse
Multi-user Capabilitytruefalse
User Credit Managementtruetrue
Customizable Contact Databasetruetrue
Customized Pluginstruefalse
Email to SMS/SMS to Emailtruefalse
Repetitive Bulk Generationtruetrue
Appointment/Booking Managementtruetrue
Blacklist Functionalitytruetrue
SMS File/Number List Importtruetrue
Contact File Importtruetrue
SMS Submission via HTTPtruefalse
SMS/Contact Submission via FTPtruefalse

* Internet Based SMS - In order to send SMS via the internet please open a web-based SMS account. SMS prices dependant on purchase amount.

** Landline Based SMS - In order to send SMS via your Telkom landline please purchase the easySMS Office landline modem. SMS prices are dependant on Telkom and are billed to your Telkom Account.

*** International Desitinations - Not supported by landline modem.