Bulk SMS has never been easier or more powerfull!

We at Dev Squared Designs strive to provide easy to use, streamlined, affordable Bulk SMS solutions that are geared towards giving YOU the edge over your competition. We offer both Web-based and Customer premises SMS solutions.

SMS Gateway

The easySMS Office SMS Gateway, provides a suite of simple yet powerfull services that allow our users to integrate sms into their existing systems. We support, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, OMS and a powerfull SOAP Web Service.

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easySMS Service - Multi-User SMS Software

The easySMS Service has been designed specifically for high volume bulk SMS as well as the capability to seamlessy integrate SMS solutions into your existing busines systems. Simply by installing the service on one central computer, you can open your network to the world of bulk SMS. By creating dynamic bulk SMS's that filter your database for recipients and auto-parse SMS texts with contact information, the easySMS Service removes the burden associated with the management of a bulk SMS system. Setup SMS Processors to automatically react to incoming SMS's, such as auto-responders, auto - blacklisting, automatically sending an SMS to other recipients and more. Specific, tailor-made SMS Processes can be developed to provide you with fuctionality that suits you and your business needs.

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Microsoft® Office® Outlook® 2007 Mobile Service (OMS)

We have deployed the Web Services that allow Microsoft® Office® Outlook® 2007 to directly access our SMS Gateway. This allows our users to seamlessly send and receive sms's out of Microsoft® Office® Outlook® 2007.

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easySMS Service 'Lite'

We are proud to announce the release of our FREE! easySMS Service 'Lite' customer premises software!

This product gives you the powerful functionality and control packed into the easySMS Service without the price tag!

If you would like to view a comparison between the full and lite versions of easySMS Service software, please click here.


easySMS Service Web Registration

Once you have registered yourself as a user, you will have access to:

  • Our online web-based SMS portal for sending and receiving sms's
  • Setup SMS accounts for both local and international destinations
  • Send free test sms's
  • Free SMS software downloads
  • Purchase credits and product for existing SMS Accounts
  • Order easySMS Software packages/additional licenses



  • Bi-directional SMS
  • Delivery Reporting
  • International & Local sms delivery
  • Landline SMS
  • Internet SMS
  • Single or Multi-Users
  • Campaign Management

Its no wonder we're the very best in SMS!


  • WAP Push technology
  • Multi Media SMS (MMS)
  • BULK Email
  • WEB SITE / MOBI Design
  • WEB SITE Hosting


New easySMS Office Portal

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new easySMS Office Portal, offering fantastic new features and sms pricing.

This server is no longer active!

Please click on the following link to to access our new sms Portal: easySMS Office Portal