Choosing a Product

EasySMS Service

  • Internet or Landline sms based product
  • Server side installation (no client installation required)
  • Optimised for high volume sms
  • Intended for integration to other business systems
  • Provides for SMS automation
  • Local and international binds
  • Highly customizable
  • Localised sms credit management and authorization.

EasySMS Office (Retail version)

  • Landline based product
  • Max 10 networked users
  • More advanced software functionality

EasySMS Office (Full version)

  • Landline, GSM and Internet sms based product
  • More than 10 networked users
  • Advanced functionality such as booking managers, school register and issue management

Telkom EasySMS

  • Landline based product
  • Single user
  • SMS modem has battery backup (receive sms when PC switched off)
  • Simple software functionality